A Great Upheaving

Defence of Goldenfields part 1

GOBLINS! we are under attack!  The loud(ish) cry's of the drunken halfling musician Oren rouse the party from their slumber in the North Furrows End inn.  As they don amour and descend the stairs they arrive to the sound of the shattering of pottery as the inebriated halfling throws wide the doors.

As we walk to fields of gold
Were jealous suns or forgotten and a new town discovered.
Cave of Wonders....
Where the group wonders about the fate of the villages.
The Party Grows as do the threats to Nightstone.
Keeping the snakes at bay
In which mysteries deepen and offers made... and refused.
An Incautious Begining...
Were a party assembles and firts with death.

Dust rises from the high road as two blue dragon born travel to the city of nightstone.  Gluiten?, a Waterdavian noble and paladin of ____  seeks to rid the town of its filthy goblin problems were as the soldier <Drax>, aims to earn a few coins guarding the rich nobles on there hunting trips in the nearby Ardeep forest.

As the couple approach the turn of they come upon a dwarf by the name of <Rangrim> heading to Nightstone to see an old acquaintance, Morak Urgray, to collect on a mug of ale owed for a tip on a book that turned out poorly for Rangrim.

The trio exchange greeting and head on to Nightstone together.  As they approach the incessant dissonant tolling of the church bell alerts them that something is afoot. Finding the towns drawbridge down the heavily armored party forgoes stealth as they rush through the town square to investigate the church. As they head for the church they notice a number of large boulders impacted into the village, and its various structures.  Unfortunately in their hurry they fail to notice the pair of worgs fighting over the body of a villager downwind on the other side of the square and come under attack.  Drax sustains heavily injury as he vainly attempts to fend of the worgs assault.  Gluiten also flails at the beasts as he endeavors to keep the Drax alive. Thus it is up to the dwarf who unleashes a volley of spells before wading in to finish the beasts with his warhammer.

After slaying the worgs the group proceeds to the church entering and barricading themselves within.  They then investigate the priests quarters from where the churches bell is operated.  They find two Goblins (Beedo and Vark) gleefully swinging from the bell ropes. As Drax draws his sword the goblins rush to attack dropping him again (3rd time downed). He is revived by Gluiten only to fall again beneath the goblin attack as he continues to block the door, protecting his comrades.  Not to be kept down he rises from the ground (Nat 20) and with grim determination strikes down the goblin threat.

The groups takes a short rest before continuing to investigate the town for the missing villages. 


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